Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blog Post 6

Walked for 3.4 miles at lunch today and I am hoping to do a couple of more after work.

Finished up a class on pattern making for soft home furnishings at Sew L.A. last night. I almost finished a dust cover for my rice cooker. We were supposed to make covers for our sewing machines but Michelle was doing that and I don't have a stand mixer. I made some mistakes in my pattern; one piece was longer than the other.  And I it took me three tries to sew a curve and I have problems remembering to put the presser foot down. Time to start practicing.

Took Meeko to the vet this morning which she hates. We have to keep giving her ear drops and she is putting on weight which are both good things. The worst part is that we have to keep giving her lysine and she she won't eat it mixed into wet food. I'll have to try it in peanut butter because I hate pinning her down and shoving it into her mouth.

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