Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Post 4

Found out that a friend's wife is having her kidney removed this week. There was a benign tumor on it that was discovered after a traffic accident. The tumor started hemorrhaging after the accident and the docs sand it has to come out. She has good surgeon and is at a good hospital. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything turns out okay.

Michelle has been working on getting a new roof  or our current roof repaired. Our current roof have been flying off in high winds. This seems to have been caused by the use of staples instead of nails and that for some reason the singles never bonded together. This could have been caused by a thin plastic strip not being removed from the shingles or the roof was installed when the weather was too cold. I lean toward former.

I am also having to keep an eye on one of the toilets because it might be leaking around the base. I found water around it the other day. After the initial cleanup nothing no more water has appeared. It does look like someone put silicone caulk around the base and that worries me. I hate doing plumbing.

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  1. I hate plumbing, but installing a new wax ring is not hard, be sure to buy new bolts too. The caulk is bad and should be removed.