Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blog Post 3

The sewing class last night was good. Spent the evening making a pattern for a dust cover for my rice cooker. Not the most exciting object to make a dust cover for but they wouldn't let me bring my couch to class. It was fascinating to see how the pattern comes together but I really want to move the pattern to a computer and print it out on a plotter. It's too bad a plotter of the size I need is about $2000. Makes me wonder if I can just print it out on normal paper and tape it together.

Starting to think about making bacon for the annual gathering of the gamers. It is going to take a couple of weeks of lead time before I can even smoke the pig belly. I have to get a couple of things before I can even get started.  I have been working hard on cutting down  my electric bill but damn do I want another fridge so that I can hang meat and rise bread in it. Saw a set up today for a temperature and humidity controlled fridge. Something to think about.


  1. Mmmm, bacon.

    We've been trying to cut power consumption in general. Seems to have gone okay with electricity, but even with additional insulation in the house, better windows, and an electric heat pump for water, our gas bill hasn't gone down. This past winter was significantly colder than the previous one, though. Personally, I'm looking more at a freezer to be able to convert cider to applejack. Hadn't thought of something to help bread rise - that's been an ongoing failure for a few weeks now. I think I'm about 1 for 6 in trying to get it to rise.

  2. Last month propane bill was $350 of course we had several days with sub zero temps, so maybe not bad. Summer AC cost $0.

  3. You can print patterns and tape them together. There are is a wide selection of PDF patterns available for people to print at home.

  4. I won't complain about my utility bills after hear about my Dad's. Guess there isn't much you can do when it get's that cold.

    I wonder if you can create a salt water bath that is cold enough to freeze water in a container. And stand alone freezers are pretty cheap. I think we paid $300 for ours.