Wednesday, March 2, 2011

American Idol, The Cave Singers and All Songs Considered - Music Post 1

I have been sucked into watching American Idol yet again and last night was the first night of the men singing in the main contest. Twelve guys sang and the top 5 vote getters go through. Luckily only 5 of them were any good. Another good thing was that only one was really bad and that was caused more by song choice than any thing else. Everyone else was just a big pile of meh.

My favorite was Casey Abrams doing I Put a Spell on You. Does not have the vocal ability of most of the other contestants but seems to know what his strengths are and plays within them. And he looks like someone I would be friends with.

Only other person I will talk about is James Durbin. You Got Another Think Coming was his song choice.  Before this performance he has been relying on the ability to hit a very high finishing note. His performance still had some of that but he was very much in control. And it was great to hear Priest on American Idol.

KCRW's Song of the day is Swim Club by The Cave Singers. It's mid-tempo county/folk sounding acoustic song.  This only sound seems to be the new thing which is okay by me. Listened to it twice and it was very nice. It didn't feel overly precious which this style of music seems to drift into more often and not.

All songs considered recently talked about the music of the 90s. Most everything they talked about was good but everything they played was very mid-tempo and unoffensive. The songs they picked were good but it really bothers me that there seems to be a bias against anything with a harder edge.

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  1. I heard something last week called "A Night at the Hip Opera" that you need to go find if you haven't already heard it.